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My 1956 BMW Isetta
My 1961 Bug
My 1980 HMV Freeway
My 1988 Ford Festiva
Vintage Vacuums
Vintage Kitchen Appliances
Other Vintage Electronics
Vintage Trailers, RV's, etc.
Vintage Citroens
Big Finned Beasts
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My Life and Stuff

About me...
Hey!  My name is Nick Drummond, and I'm currently a sophomore at UMD.  I actually haven't updated this site in years, but just wanted to update the about-me thing in case any one is actually looking here...  To be honest, I'm probably not gonna come back and keep updating everything, but for the record, I/we currently have a 61' Imperial, 56' Isetta, 72' VW Bus, and 88' Ford Festiva!  (Festiva and Bus are mine, others sorta-ish).  For as long as I can remember, I've loved vintage everything, and enjoy surrounding myself with everything from the 60's and beyond...  cars, appliances, furniture, design- I love it all!